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State of the Locals


Attitudes across England to local elections, the work of councillors, role of local government and voter ID

The LGIU has worked with Ipsos on this exclusive polling data to understand UK attitudes to local elections, the work of councillors and role of local government ahead of polling day on 4 May 2023.

The polling date was shared at LGIU’s State of the Locals election experts panel on Friday 21 April with speakers Keiran Pedley (Research Director, Ipsos UK),  Jonathan Carr-West (Chief Executive, LGIU), Dr Hannah Bunting, Lecturer in Quantitative British Politics, University of Exeter and Dr Greg Stride, Research Assistant, LGIU. Read our write-up of the event.

State of the Locals is part of LGIU’s one-stop-shop for local elections resources, the most pertinent local elections resources for you and your teams. Our analysis and coverage covers key election themes including: public trust, transparency, safety, communications and election issues.

Ipsos polling data

Ipsos UK interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,859 adults aged 18-75 in England. Interviews took place on the online Omnibus between 7th and 10th April 2023. The data has been weighted to the known offline population proportions for age and working status within gender, and for region, social grade and education, to reflect the adult population of England. All polls are subject to a wide range of potential sources of error.

For access to the polling data from Ipsos on UK attitudes to local elections, voter ID, the work of councillors and role of local government, contact [email protected]

Rewatch the live panel

LGIU’s official statement on the polling results.

Download full polling presentation.