Primer time: local government subject guides for new councillors

Our Primers are designed to help new councillors get on top of the complexities of some of the different services that local authorities provide, which we hope will make settling into your role just that little easier. We have started with guides on cultural services, adult social care and the planning system; coming soon are guides on housing and finance and we will be adding some new titles over the next few weeks.

Photo by Gary Ellis on Unsplash

This series of Primers are exclusively for LGIU members. If you are a councillor at an authority which has an LGIU membership then you too are a member and all you have to do is register on the website. You’ll then be able to read these Primers and a host of other informative and useful policy briefings, publications and much more. Not sure if your council is an LGIU member? Check here.


Primer: Cultural services

This primer introduces you to the arts and culture sector and local authority cultural services, covering libraries, museums, theatres, arts services, and leisure services. Read this primer.

Primer: Adult social care

We cover some of the main issues in adult social care, including care arranged through a council, integration with the NHS, and pay particular attention topics that may be raised by local people seeking advice from their councillor. Read this primer.

Primer: The planning system

This primer introduces the planning process, common terms and phrases and details current issues within the planning system, including permitted development and mobile masts. Read this Primer.

Primer: Housing

This Primer provides a detailed introduction to local authority housing issues; key topics covered include homelessness, house building and renting. It is written with new councillors in mind but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about housing. Read this primer.

Primer: The essentials of local government finance in England

This primer is designed to provide newly-elected councillors with a short, non-technical introduction to the main features of local government finance in England, but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about finance. Read this primer.