Poll results: What should be the three main focus areas of councillors this year?

We asked you what three areas you think councillors should predominantly focus on addressing this year with a list of ten different options. Thank you to everyone who responded – we had 74 responses in total. Here’s what you said.

The full picture:

The remaining options all came in with under 10% of the votes, demonstrating a relatively high level of agreement with the top three above and a more divided split between the rest.  ↪  Click each on each priority to find LGIUs resources to support you in this area.

For example, joint fourth on the priority list with 9.5% of the votes each is ‘better management of public spending‘ and ‘making neighbourhoods more liveable‘.

Closely behind with 8.1% is ‘addressing housing affordability‘.

And another tie comes in for the sixth spot between ‘supporting high streets and local businesses‘ and ‘engaging with communities and increasing democratic participation‘ with 6.8% of votes each.

Landing seventh is ‘encouraging people to lead healthier and more active lives‘ with 5.4% of votes.

And so, out of the options we polled, the lowest priority on the list with 1.4% of the votes is ‘ensuring a vibrant cultural landscape‘.

The remaining 1.4% of the votes went to ‘other’ with one commenter explaining the missing priority for them from an England perspective is ‘making integrated care happen and pushing for NHS reform especially the points which crossover with local government’.

What you told us

The top three:

According to our poll responders, the top priority focus area they believe councillors should address this year is ‘alleviating the cost of living crisis‘ with a high 21.6% of all votes.

The second biggest concern, ‘improving children’s and young people’s life chances‘, came in 4% behind the top focus area but was still flagged as significantly important with 17.6% of votes.

And, the third biggest area that our voters want councillors to focus on this year is ‘tackling the climate crisis in the local area‘ with 12.2% highlighting this issue as an immediate priority.


Read on for support in these priority areas.

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Top priority: Resources for tackling the cost of living crisis

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Priority two: Improving children and young people's life chances

Training: Make a difference as a councillor

Councillors can have a big impact on the lives of children, young people and their and families. Our upcoming training session helps you consider your role and priorities as a councillor to maximise your impact.

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Priority three: tackling the climate crisis in the local area

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Supporting resilient communities to address health and wellbeing

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Global Local Executive Panel: Approaching climate action while in permacrisis

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13 Jul 2023, 8:30–10:00 (BST) / 17:30–19:00 (AEST)

This session is part of our Global Local Executive Panel series. Explore more local solutions to global challenges – FREE for LGIU members.

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