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Ones to watch 2019: local elections


On 2 May 2019, voters will go to the polls to choose over 8,300 councillors in 248 English local authorities. On the same day voters will also elect councillors to the eleven local authorities in Northern Ireland.

While it is inevitable that for many these elections will be view through the prism of the current crisis that is engulfing Parliament and the political parties that is regrettable. Local elections are ultimately about local matters and choosing the people who will make decisions on things that affect everything from the state of the street where we live, to the parks and playgrounds we take our kids to, or the safety of our food.

With that in mind this guide looks at where the main action will be on the 2nd May – what types of authorities are holding elections?  Which councils could change control? Where will the different political parties do well and where will they lose out?