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LGIU@40: For the Future of Local Government


Since 1983, LGIU has supported our members with the insights, ideas and connections they need to navigate a changing world. Throughout that time we have made the case for stronger, more autonomous local government and more robust local democracy.

Forty years on, we need local government more than ever. We cannot tackle the big problems of the 21st century without it. But too often local government is not as strong as we need it to be.

This manifesto sets out what we believe needs to happen to put local government on the right path for the next forty years. It is based on research the LGIU has undertaken over the last decade and on a programme of in-depth conversations with our members.

We begin by setting out why we believe that national success has local foundations and identifying three challenges that prevent local government from playing the role we need:

  • Financial fragility
  • Uncertain status
  • Declining trust

The manifesto examines each of these challenges in detail and asks how we overcome them, making a series of recommendations. We set out what we need from central government and what councils need to do to rebuild trust and participation in democratic politics.

At the heart of this manifesto is a call for a new covenant between national and local government that will create the foundation for councils to succeed.

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