Collection: refugees & resettlement

The habitability of countries around the world is changing and causing a significant rise in migration. From the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, to climate-related disasters causing migration in the Pacific Islands and East Africa.

Globally, discussions of refugee resettlement tend to focus on the responsibilities at the level of nation hosts dealing with issues of borders, visa regimes, and immediate support. Yet refugees, asylum seekers and internationally displaced persons (IDPs) settle in specific places, and those places shoulder the burden at a local, not national level – with local government playing a much more crucial role in providing housing, education, employment, healthcare, language learning and general community integration and wellbeing.

This collection showcases a wide range of LGIU resources, from free-to-read articles and member-only briefings to our Global Local newsletter, all focused on the relationship between local government and resettling migrants and refugees.

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Ukraine and local government response

Local government response to an international crisis: Ukrainian refugees

Since March 2022, approx. 70,000 Ukrainian refugees have come to Ireland. This briefing looks in particular at how Clare County Council has managed the various national and local refugee initiatives (such as Offer A Home) and the challenges they’ve faced in the resettlement process. Read here.

Homes for Ukraine: Britain’s response to the refugee crisis

Thousands of UK families have offered to take part in Homes for Ukraine, the government’s scheme for helping refugees. But how will the scheme operate and what part must councils play? Read here.

Lessons from Ireland and their humanitarian response to Ukraine

In Ireland, much debate and discussion recently have been centred around the required humanitarian response to Ukraine. In this blog, LGIU’s Dr Seán Ó’Riordáin explores the ways in which local government will need to continue to step up in the coming months and years. Read here.

Impact of the war in Ukraine

In Ukraine, mayors and local government are sometimes the last line of defence. As the rest of the world watches, waits, and takes action, local government will feel the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These resources from LGIU are here to provide information on the many ways that the sector can provide leadership or will need to adapt.

Unpacking the challenge and finding local solutions

The challenge of the migration crisis

The escalating migration crisis is causing major divisions between central and local government, and within and across communities. What can local authorities do to facilitate more cohesive and cooperative approaches to addressing the challenges? Read here.

Refugees and asylum seekers: the challenges and opportunities for local authorities

The increase in the number of those seeking asylum in the UK initially brings significant pressure to local government, associated services and infrastructure. In the longer term, however, there are many opportunities and benefits for the UK as the host country. This briefing examines both the challenges and opportunities. Read here.

Refugees, asylum seekers and migration: how local authorities can address the challenges of integration

This briefing focuses on how to manage the integration of refugees and asylum seekers at the local level and presents a number of global case studies. It also summarises recent statistics relating to migration. Read here.

Global Local: Helping refugees and asylum seekers

This newsletter edition delves into local government policy and innovation with a focus on resettling migrants and refugees. Read here.

All resettlement is local: refugee policy developed where it delivers

Despite international discussions of hosting refugees being at national level, the greater burden falls at the local level. While local government ought to have a larger voice in matters of immigration policy, many municipalities globally have found innovative ways to support refugees and create localised immigration policies. Read our new blog here.

Listen to our Global Local podcast: All resettlement is local here.

Refugees and Afghanistan: how councils are helping with resettlement

Councils have been asked to help thousands of Afghan refugees resettle in the UK but details of the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme are only emerging slowly with limited government guidance to date. This briefing looks at what councils can offer in the context of wider policy on refugees and immigration. Read our content here.

Lessons from local government around the world

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What lessons can local government learn from Canada’s community-driven immigration programmes?

In recent years, Canada has developed an immigration policy that sees millions arrive, including in rural locations. This is the work of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), a partnership and program between federal and local government incentivising more remote and isolated communities to accept migrants. This briefing outlines the role of Canadian municipalities in immigration and integration. Read our content here.

Mobility on the move: visualising a decade of internal migration in Australia

This briefing visualises a decade of internal migration flows as a starting point for understanding the development and well-being implications of changing population mobility. Read here.

Interview: How Toronto's Newcomer Office is helping resettle refugees

Vera Dodic, manager of Toronto’s Newcomer Office, explains how their coordinating role between the City of Toronto and public and private partners is making the transition to a new life in Canada’s largest city easier for people who’ve had their whole lives turned upside down. Read the interview here.

Could a regional immigration system be used to address labour shortages in rural areas?

A new points based immigration is coming to the UK soon. What effect will that have on labour shortages in critical service areas like care or tourism outside of major cities? Could a New Zealand-style system be part of the answer? Cameron Boyle from the Immigration Advice Service explores the issues. Read here.

Fingal Migrant Integration Forum – a vehicle for participatory democracy

Over the past three decades, the level of immigration to Ireland has exceeded the level of emigration almost every year, and there have been concerted efforts in national policy, public service delivery and community-led initiatives to promote the inclusion and integration of migrants. This briefing focuses on the Fingal Migrant Integration Forum, which was established by Fingal County Council.. Read our content here.

The Cork Sanctuary Runners: running alongside asylum seekers and refugees

Cork City Council recently won an award for Health & Wellbeing at the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards 2019. Here, they talk about their winning entry – the Cork Sanctuary Runners, a programme enabling Irish residents to run alongside, and in solidarity with, asylum seekers and refugees. Read our blog here.