Questions for the future of social care


Today you can read our new briefing about the so-called “Feeley” report on adult social care in Scotland. To accompany this release, we’ve included in this bundle relevant recent briefings on adult and children’s social care policy and delivery in the UK as well as the new NHS plan for England. 

The future of social care has been called many things over the years by commentators in the UK, including a conundrum, a crisis, and an impasse. The King’s Fund in 2019 called it the “strange politics of social care funding reform”. Whilst it might be strange and frustrating to policymakers, the people affected personally are counting the human cost to families every day. In the weeks leading up to the Scottish Parliament election in May 2021, this particular subject will undoubtedly cause much debate. You can stay well informed from the briefings in this bundle and more on the briefings page of the website.


Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland

An Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland was published in February 2021, chaired by Derek Feeley, Chief Executive of the Institute for Health Improvement. This briefing outlines the review’s main recommendations, how they will be financed and responses to the review.

Health and Care White Paper: working together to improve health and social care for all

The white paper sets out proposals for changes to legislation to progress the NHS long-term plan. What are the main proposals, particularly those that relate to social care and public health? What are its main strengths and what questions remain about the future relationship between health and care? This briefing explores more.

How will technology change health and care?

The King’s Fund published a paper late last year entitled “The digital revolution: eight technologies that will change health and care”. This briefing outlines the King’s Fund’s findings and explores the potential challenges and risks to local authorities and other NHS bodies.

Social care funding and workforce – select committee report: Will it be acted upon?

The HSCSC published its report on the social care system last year. It paints a bleak picture of a system on the brink of failure and details the effects on service users, carers, providers, commissioners and the wider funding environment. Will we see desperately needed reform this year?

Private provision in children’s social care – Children’s Commissioner's report

This briefing looks at the increasing role of the private sector in providing for children’s care services focussing on children’s homes and fostering. It considers a number of questions around private sector involvement including profit-making, ownership, competition, financial risk, and the quality of care.