Bundle: Global Covid-19 responses


Global Covid-19 Responses

Currently, local government around the world is trying to unpick and address the complex knot of issues arising from the novel coronavirus. As national and local governments everywhere try to find the ‘right’ way to tackle the crisis, taking ideas and guidance from the actions of other local authorities can be helpful – these are unprecedented times, after all. So, in this bundle, we collate Covid-19 responses from across the globe, covering responses from both LGIU member and non-member countries.

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Responses to the pandemic from Germany, Canada and Sweden

An overview of Germany’s response to Covid-19

As the world’s media continues to examine how different nations are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has been internationally commended for its foresight, vigilance, and well-resourced healthcare system. This piece explores what is behind Germany’s success in flattening the curve and its financial future, post-crisis.

Ça Va Bien Aller: Montreal’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Despite Montreal suffering a significant death-toll from Covid-19, there has been a general consensus that the city has done a good job, though challenges remain. This briefing analyses Montreal’s response to the pandemic to date.

A personal view: Covid-19 in Gothenburg, Sweden

In this blog, Suvi Loponen writes from Gothenburg, Sweden, providing insight into Sweden’s unusual, laissez-faire response to the Covid-19 crisis.

International lessons

Local government and Covid-19: exit strategies – the timing, the issues

How and when to reduce lockdown restrictions is a pressing issue: what should decide whether a country’s lockdown should be relaxed, and when and how, and who should be making the decisions? There is no blueprint – each country has different criteria and political and social context. This briefing covers exit strategies in the UK as well as globally.

Strategic recovery planning: early considerations for place-shaping post-Covid-19

This briefing will interest local government decision-makers as they begin to think about the transition from crisis management to turnaround and recovery planning. It suggests possible frameworks for strategic recovery planning. and some of the contextual issues that places may face on the road to recovery.

Managing from the eye of the storm – the municipal response to Covid-19 in Madrid and Barcelona

Spain is currently one of the countries most seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. This short briefing follows the cases of Madrid and Barcelona city councils to contextualise some of the measures adopted by Spanish local authorities during the crisis. These measures may be of interest to councils in areas where the pandemic is still in an earlier stage of development.

From Australia

Australian public libraries: Adapting to Covid-19 lockdown

This briefing explores how public libraries in Australia have responded to the Covid-19 lockdown by reinventing their services. In some locations, print books are still available for borrowing, with safety procedures in place; in others, there has been a big shift to digital resources.

Covid-19 and local government in Australia

This briefing provides an update on State and Federal government initiatives in Australia that could impact local government in response to Covid-19, along with examples of what different local governments are doing in response to the pandemic. It also looks at some of the issues and challenges for councils.

Financial impacts of Covid-19 on Australian local governments

The focus of this briefing is the impact that Covid-19 restrictions introduced by the federal and state governments have had on local government service provision, how local government is supporting their local economies, and how they are dealing with the financial challenges in the short- and long-term.

From Ireland

Covid-19: Responses by local government in Ireland

This briefing looks at how local government in Ireland, within its limited range of functions, can provide the necessary local leadership to support those at the frontline, alongside providing assurance and information to the population on actions being taken to confront the virus and its consequences.

Covid-19: Age Friendly and the local authority response to a pandemic

Ireland’s status as the first WHO-recognised ‘Age Friendly’ country is indicative of the commitment to such policies among local government and its partners. With Covid-19 disproportionately affecting older people, Age Friendly structures play a key role in providing an effective response, as explored in this briefing.

How Limerick City and County Council is using innovation to support Limerick through Covid-19

In this blog post, Aoife Madden, Head of Business Improvement for her council, writes on the initiatives being brought forward by Limerick City and County Council to solve problems using innovative systems solutions during the Covid-19 outbreak.

From the UK

Scotland and Covid-19: a framework for decision-making when considering transitioning out of lockdown

With pressure mounting over ongoing lockdowns, governments across the world are tentatively beginning to discuss possible exit strategies. This briefing summarises Scottish Government’s framework for action and examines what this proposed response might mean for everyday life.

Local government and Covid-19: the economic impact

It is clear that Covid-19 is already having a profound impact on the UK economy and globally. We consider in this briefing the negative effects on jobs, regions, sectors and individuals. Future implications for public spending and social and economic equality are also considered.

Coronavirus: How local government communications can make a difference

Clear advice from councils is helping people negotiate Covid-19. But how can they best ensure it reaches residents and business? In this briefing, we look at some of the issues local authorities face and highlight good practice from around the UK, including use of social media as well as websites.