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Public notices. Reducing spend


Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

The Commercial Services team at Buckinghamshire County Council has driven significant savings from reducing spend on public notice advertising through lowering the demand using a phased approach. Spend is expected to reduce from circa £325,000 to circa £134,550 per annum.

In the first phase (January 2012), we decided to reduce the font size of our adverts from 7 point to 6 point. For such a simple change this reduced the advert size and cost by a staggering 31%. (£100,750)

To support the second phase (October 2012), the Commercial team brought in The Potent Mix to run a training session for staff placing adverts and to challenge the actual legal requirement in the adverts which has led to the removal of logos, contact names and a reduction in wording. The average savings from these changes is a further 40%. (£89,700).

Traditionally, procurement reviews have concentrated on market facing elements, so this is a really good example of where the team have considered demand management of a category. In terms of ease of implementation this is a quick win, however it requires strong joint working with the Place service (Planning, Transportation etc), and Legal service, together with a pragmatic approach from the Communications team.

Paul Raimbach,

Category Manager – Corporate, Buckinghamshire County Council

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