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Take a #CityHallSelfie on 15th August

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Tuesday August 15th is #CityHallSelfie day!

 ELGL.org – a big tent American local government association – has been running City Hall Selfie day since 2015 and this August we thought we would join in the fun.

What’s the idea?

Well it’s simple. On Tuesday August 15th take a selfie in front of a town hall or other municipal building. Tweet your picture out using the hashtags #CityHallSelfie #municipelfie

What’s the reason?

There are some lovely town halls and other council buildings out there. Some are steeped in history, some are pretty much brand new. But it’s about more than just the building: we want to join ELGL in celebrating local government and the important work that it does. Councils across the country run the services that have a daily impact on people’s lives, that help shape the places we live and work.

So take a selfie, pop it on to twitter and help us celebrate our public services this summer.

#CityHallSelfie #municipelfie


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While you’re here…

The nomination deadline for LGiU’s C’llr Achievement Awards 2017 is fast approaching. Make sure your council is represented! Deadline 1st September