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State of the Locals – the results

LGiU Statement – State of the Locals – the results

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said:

“Now that we have a complete picture of the 2018 local election results, a fairly settled narrative has emerged: a bit of to and fro but essentially a disappointing night for Labour, a better than expected outcome for the Conservatives, a renaissance for the Liberal Democrats and a wipe out for UKIP.

In reality, the two main parties are about level in terms of vote share and strategic gains and losses but it looks worse for Labour as they had raised expectations about taking Tory crown jewels like Westminster and Wandsworth and were unable to fulfil them. Additionally, an opposition at this stage in the political cycle should be gaining rather than holding ground.

The Liberal Democrats will be happy to have increased their number of seats and to have taken control of Richmond and Kingston upon Thames councils as well as a major prize in securing South Cambridgeshire.

Overall though, the picture is one of stalemate with neither one of the main parties able to make substantial breakthroughs in the areas that they already control. At this stage, It is not clear that anyone has an obvious route to a substantial national majority.

There is another way of looking at this however. One that recognises that this is not a glorified opinion poll but a real election for the councillors who will make important decisions about our vital local services. Although they rarely get the credit for it, local government has done a exceptional job over the last eight years at managing a severe fiscal crisis whilst continuing to deliver the services so many of us rely on every day of our lives.”


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For the seventh year, LGiU provided live local elections coverage via our blog and change of control map.

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