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State of the Locals on Friday morning

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) said:

“The results have begun to come in overnight and already some big movement has happened. Against the backdrop of a steady Conservative decline since 2019, the results so far indicate the trend will not be bucked this year. 

Initial results were looking good for Labour and they will be pleased with early wins in Hartlepool, Rushmoor (where the party has won a majority for the first time ever), Thurrock and Redditch. Offsetting that is a big upset in Oldham where the party has lost majority control of the council. This is the first indication that the party’s position on Gaza may cost it votes in this election and we will be watching how this plays out in other areas. It’s a reminder of how global and local politics intertwine and that local elections are not a straight dress rehearsal for the general election.

The narrative developing so far is one of large Conservative losses, although they have managed to hold on in some cases where they had small majorities, such as the key test of Harlow in the East of England. However, this does not necessarily translate directly to any other major party winning their seats, and as always the local picture is important for understanding any specific result. 

We know however that local elections are a long haul and the picture may change in the coming hours and days. And while it will be tempting to talk about how these local election results influence the national election, we must remember that local elections are not a warm-up act for general elections – they are crucial chapters in our democracy. These results will determine the leaders who will serve our communities and make the decisions that directly impact our lives.”


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