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One month to the Locals

LGiU Statement – One month to the Locals


Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said:


“With only four weeks to go until the local elections, there is a real risk that they will be entirely overshadowed by Brexit and national politics. By the time people vote, we will know whether we have left the European Union with no deal or whether Brexit has been further delayed. Either way, it will be the first time Britons go to the polls after we were meant to leave the EU on March 29th.


The profile of these local elections means that few councils are likely to change control, so many will be looking at vote share and at turnout to try and gauge the national mood. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that these are local elections: selecting the councillors who will be steering their councils through some very tough times ahead with rising demand on public services, a funding cliff edge and the on going fall out of Brexit in communities across the country. As ever, local government will keep the country moving regardless of what is happening in Westminster.”