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Local Election Results

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LGiU Statement: Local Election Results

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said: 

“The General Election result will have been a lot less surprising to anyone who’s been following local government elections over the last couple of years. Conservative vote holding up, Labour failing to break through with Middle England (though a late gain in Cheshire West and Chester will be some consolation) and the Liberal Democrats facing oblivion. Looking at how people have actually voted in the local elections rather than how they tell pollsters they are going to vote would have given us a much more accurate sense of what to expect.

UKIP, after failing to replicate their seat gains of previous years, had a late boost when they took control of Thanet: the first time they have ever controlled a local authority. All eyes will now be on whether they can get to grips with running a council or crumble under the pressure. Can they now turn themselves from a party of protest into a party of local government? The jury’s out.”


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