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LGIU Statement: State of the Locals at 1pm Saturday

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU said: 


“The big story everyone is focusing on is the shift from Labour to the Conservatives; and yesterday’s results (and this morning’s papers) certainly make grim reading for Labour HQ. But as more results come in we can see that underneath this big picture some more complex local stories are bubbling away.


Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats, while losing seats nationally, have made gains, some of them substantial, in many areas. The Greens have gained seats in places as distinct as Sheffield and Suffolk, while independents, predicted to struggle because of restrictions on campaigning, have also done well from Castle Point to Surrey.


To really understand these local stories you would have to get into the detail of each place but it should remind us that dividing the country into convenient blocs: counties, red walls, leave vs remain, can often obscure what’s really happening.”