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LGIU Statement – One month to the locals

LGIU Statement – One month to the locals

 Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU said:

“Nobody gets more excited about local elections than the team at LGIU. We have been working with local government for over a decade to provide the sector with election support and coverage. This year is no different, though of course this year will be very different.

There has been a great deal of doubt over the elections and although around 90% of respondents to our recent survey felt that a delay to these elections would be the best course of action and we felt it was “No longer possible to hold safe and open elections in May,” the UK Government is determined to go ahead. However, they have made some adjustments and additional funding.

And, with one month to go, and two years worth of elections, it’s going to be #SuperThursday.

Every single eligible citizen in England is due to be an elector in 2021. And, in many areas, electors will be voting on four or more different ballots.  While these may be the most complex elections ever, it is essential that we don’t forget the locals on 6 May.

This isn’t just about the sheer volume of decision making. It’s about choosing the people who will be deciding on vital services, dealing with social care in crisis, and making the tough choices as councils are struggling through an unprecedented financial crisis after a decade of unprecedented financial cuts. Local government is fundamentally about where people live and voters will be choosing the people who will help lead us through a sustainable economic recovery as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

These local elections are not a poll on Westminster fortunes.”



‘Ones to watch’ guide

Two years worth of elections. 145 councils. 13 mayors. What’s at stake and what’s up for grabs in May 2021? With one month to go, this long read looks at the hot elections across England on #SuperThursday.

Weekly elections bulletin – new for 2021

We have teamed up with Vuelio to provide an exclusive weekly elections bulletin with the latest news and updates, ones to watch and campaign information from the elections taking place across the country including English local elections, GLA, Mayoral, Scottish and Welsh elections.

Local government facts & figures

Our local government facts and stats page includes all of the details on how a council really works, a breakdown of local government structures, stats and workings.

Guide to elections communications

Local elections matter and how we talk about them matters. Effective communications can build enthusiasm for local democracy and this communications guide focuses on some easy steps that councils can be taking during the election period.

Guide to personal safety for councillors (and candidates)

Our personal safety is something many of us take for granted. This short guide offers some guidance on assessing risk and adopting strategies and behaviours that will minimise any potential hazards councillors and candidates might come across. It has been updated to include information on canvassing and Covid-19.

Personal safety on the campaign trail – free online training video

This programme has been developed for councillors and candidates who would benefit from the opportunity to reflect on the way they manage their own personal safety and includes principles of personal safety, use of mobile telephones and technology, canvassing and home visits, and trolls and cyber-bullies. Password: Fr@@PS@1ty


LGiU Briefings – free access for press

You have access to our briefings service for free. Our team of expert associates produce over 300 briefings each year on topics ranging from children’s services and planning to local economic growth and Brexit. They are written in an easily digestible format for councillors and council staff. We also have an archive of 2000+ briefings here if you’re looking for further background on any specific local government related issues.

Daily News – free access for press

Daily News is a hugely popular service for members only with free access for press. It provides a professional summary of the top local government news stories in your country. It is emailed directly to members first thing in the morning ensuring that you are always up to date with latest developments.

Post-Covid Councils

LGIU’s Post-Covid Councils project explores the future of local government post-Covid-19 and the main areas that need to be addressed as we move towards recovery. The key topics covered include the location of power, sustainability, place-shaping, unfinished business, trust and governance and a new municipalism.

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