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LGIU Statement: 2021 Cllr Awards shortlist unveiled

2021 Cllr Awards shortlist unveiled

Over 500 nominations received across England, Wales and Scotland 

The LGIU/LGIU Scotland and CCLA are proud to unveil the shortlist for the 2021 Cllr Awards, showcasing the achievements of councillors across England and Wales for the 12th year running and the 4th year running in Scotland.

The Cllr Awards are the only national ceremony to celebrate the vital contributions of our councillors across England, Wales and Scotland that so often go unrecognised. As communities continue to recover from the pandemic, these Awards are a hugely important way to champion what local councillors do for their communities.

Competition was extremely tight again this year with over 500 nominations received across the categories that celebrate the varied work of councillors.  Some of the awards up for grabs include Resilience and Recovery (new for 2021), alongside the coveted Community Champion and Leader of the Year awards. The full shortlists are included below.

The winners will be decided by a panel of judges composed of senior councillors and officers as well as leading stakeholders from across the sector. The winners will be revealed at the Cllr Awards ceremonies taking place on Wednesday, 24 November in Glasgow and Wednesday, 1 December in London. The ceremonies will also be broadcast live on YouTube.

This year’s awards are made possible thanks to the generous support of founding partners CCLA.

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU/LGIU Scotland said:  “This year’s Cllr Awards shortlist showcases the best of local government. During a time when they have experienced unprecedented challenges and pressure, these councillors are true champions for local government and their communities.

The last year has reminded each and every one of us of the effort and lengths to which councillors go to support their citizens. As such, we were overwhelmed by powerful stories and experiences coming through the over 500 nominations received for councillors across England, Wales and Scotland.

Our most sincere congratulations to all of those councillors shortlisted. We look forward to unveiling the winners on the Awards nights.”



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About Cllr Awards

The LGIU and CCLA’s annual Cllr Awards celebrate the vital work being done by councillors across England, Wales and Scotland. Past winners of the Awards can be found here. Rules for the nomination, shortlisting and selection process can be found here. Follow #CllrAwards for all updates.


About LGIU

The Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) is a think tank and membership body with over 300 councils and other organisations subscribing to our networks. We work to strengthen local democracy and put citizens in control of their own lives, communities and local services. For more information, visit www.lgiu.org.


About LGIU Scotland

LGIU Scotland is a policy information service dedicated to local government across Scotland. We work to inform our members by providing practical, up-to-the-minute intelligence on policy issues. Our services help public servants make policy, support residents and work more effectively with colleagues. Our members include councils, charities, central government and public sector partners. All share a commitment to providing the best possible local government services for citizens.


About CCLA

CCLA is a leading specialist fund manager for local authorities and charities. When they began sponsoring the Cllr Awards they had 22 local authority accounts. Today they have over 700 and this number is growing every month. They are owned by their clients – their mission is to serve the whole sector, regardless of size.


2021 Cllr Awards Shortlist – England

Community Champion

Cllr Kevin Etheridge – Caerphilly County Borough Council

Cllr Scott Farley – Hillingdon Council

Cllr Anna Firth – Sevenoaks District Council

Cllr Bridget Fishleigh – Brighton and Hove City Council

Cllr Vick Jenkins – City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Cllr Kelly Middleton – Telford and Wrekin Council

Cllr Aled Richards-Jones – Wandsworth Council

Cllr Shaz Saleem – Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Cllr Bazil Solomon – Swindon Borough Council

Cllr Maria Watson – Nottingham City Council


Environment and Sustainability Pioneer

Cllr Denise Craghill – City of York Council

Cllr Mike Hakata – Haringey Council

Cllr Bridget Petty – North Somerset Council

Cllr Angeliki Stogia – Manchester City Council

Cllr Johnny Thalassites – The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Innovation and Service Transformation

Cllr Paul Bell – Lewisham Council

Cllr David Brake – Medway Council

Cllr Lee-Ann Igbon – Manchester City Council

Cllr Margaret McLennan – Brent Council

Cllr Neil Prior – Pembrokeshire County Council


Leader of the Year

Cllr Sam Chapman-Allen – Breckland Council

Cllr Shaun Davies – Telford and Wrekin Council

Cllr Lynne Doherty – West Berkshire Council

Cllr Georgia Gould – Camden Council

Cllr Phélim Mac Cafferty – Brighton and Hove City Council

Cllr Rachael Robathan – Westminster Council


Lifetime Achievement 

Cllr Marlene Heron – Sutton Council

Cllr Sheila Peacock – Haringey Council

Cllr Hilda Rhodes – Telford and Wrekin Council

Cllr Peter Ruffles – East Hertfordshire District Council

Cllr Dale Smith – City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Cllr Steve Walmsley – Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council


Resilience and Recovery

Cllr Mark Canniford – North Somerset Council

Cllr Sam Davies – Cambridge City Council

Cllr Paulette Hamilton – Birmingham City Council

Cllr Parbinder Kaur – Sandwell Council

Cllr Abigail Marshall Katung – Leeds City Council

Cllr Mohammed Nazam – City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Cllr Matthew Relf – Ashfield District Council

Cllr Hazel Simmons – Luton Borough Council


Young Councillor

Cllr Peymana Assad – Harrow Council

Cllr Christopher Burden – City of Wolverhampton Council

Cllr Dakota Dibben – Gravesham Borough Council

Cllr Amy Heley – Brighton and Hove City Council

Cllr Adam Jogee – Haringey Council

Cllr Rachel Melly – City of York Council

Cllr Imogen Payter – Havant Borough Council

Cllr Joe Porter – Staffordshire Moorlands District Council


2021 Shortlist – Scotland

Champion for Education

Cllr Eleanor Bird – The City of Edinburgh Council

Cllr Claire Leitch – East Ayrshire Council

Cllr Frank McNally – North Lanarkshire Council


Community Champion

Bailie Annette Christie – Glasgow City Council

Cllr Duncan Cumming – East Dunbartonshire Council

Cllr David MacDonald – East Renfrewshire Council

Cllr Mohammad Tauqeer Malik – Aberdeen City Council

Bailie Jacqueline McLaren – Glasgow City Council

Bailie Soryia Siddique – Glasgow City Council


Leader of the Year

Cllr Susan Aitken – Glasgow City Council

Cllr Lawrence Fitzpatrick – West Lothian Council

Cllr James Stockan – Orkney Islands Council


Lifetime Contribution

Bailie Willie Sawers – Dundee City Council

Cllr Sandy Scott – Scottish Borders Council

Cllr David Watson – South Lanarkshire Council


New Councillor of the Year

Cllr Kris Chapman – Scottish Borders Council

Cllr Jackie McCamon – Dumfries and Galloway Council

Bailie Christy Mearns – Glasgow City Council

Cllr Steven Rome – Dundee City Council


Resilience and Recovery

Cllr Euan Jardine – Scottish Borders Council

Cllr Kelly Parry – Midlothian Council

Cllr Gwyneth Petrie – Aberdeenshire Council

Cllr John Wheeler – Aberdeen City Council