Scotland Press Releases

LGIU Scotland Statement: Scottish Parliamentary election results

Kim Fellows, Commissioning Editor, LGIUScotland said:

“Local government has been at the heart of the response to the pandemic, working 24/7 for months and months. This year’s elections were a further example of how local government stepped up and delivered a safe election and protected democracy. We must offer our thanks to staff that worked hard to deliver the results.

Voters have now spoken. The Alba project failed to gain a seat. George Galloway failed to gain a seat. These facts should not be forgotten when the London centric media try to comment on democracy and devolution in Scotland and Wales. Scottish democracy is alive and well, the record turnout from people in Scotland has shown they are interested in who represents them and what their values are.

And, while this new Scottish Parliament might appear from the outside to be similar to the last one, we now have the highest number of women MSPs elected in its history along with a slightly younger makeup. Voters have also returned women of colour and a permanent wheelchair user. A number of councillors are now new MSPs as well and we have seen heartfelt pleas from colleagues to remember where they came from. These facts indicate a potential for Holyrood 2021 to be more representative of the people who voted for it and perhaps be more prepared to work together to deliver for Scotland.

In an election where local government barely got a mention, we at LGIU are waiting to hear what the new Scottish Government has planned. After May 13th, when all MSPs take their pledges to the people of Scotland, we will want to know how the new government they put their trust in will deliver on the promises made and build a recovery for a fairer, just and inclusive Scotland.”