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LGIU response to the Levelling Up White Paper

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU said: “In the end, perhaps inevitably, the long-awaited Levelling Up White Paper doesn’t quite rise to its own challenge.

It sets out an analysis of the causes and impacts of regional economic disparities and proposes 12 missions to address these challenges. These give some clarity to what levelling up means, contain social as well as economic dimensions and have measurable metrics for success.

It’s far less clear how these missions will be accomplished. The structural reforms to local government and the specific policy measures announced feel piecemeal and, in the main, familiar.

Clarity, broader scope and accountability were all important elements that the LGIU wanted to see in this White Paper.

However, it’s not clear what the devolution proposals in the paper really amount to. Elected Mayors and county deals cannot drive levelling up unless they are full partners in that enterprise with genuine powers to shape local economies and communities.

If we want places around the country to level up and stay levelled up, we need to build genuine capacity. That can’t be done if local areas are kept dependent on Whitehall for funding and approval, going to them cap in hand.

Accomplishing the paper’s 12 missions would undoubtedly make a country a better place, but it remains to be seen whether the Government has the appetite to unlock the local innovation and autonomy that we will need to make that happen.”


On the level

Our latest report digests LGIU’s extensive research and analysis around levelling up and looks at the opportunities it offers and the risks it poses. On the level outlines the key principles that should underpin the forthcoming Levelling Up White Paper: clarity, scope, partnership, transparency, flexibility and accountability. 


Everything you need to know about levelling up, all in one place. 

The LGIU has, over the last two years, published a series of briefings and research papers for our members to try and clarify what levelling up will entail, whether it is a coherent policy and how local government can respond. This bundle brings together our extensive collection of materials around levelling up.


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