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LGIU response: latest levelling up funding allocation

LGIU response to the Government’s latest levelling up funding allocation

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGIU, said:

“People will debate whether these allocations are right or fair but the real problem here is that this is a crazy way to fund local government.

“With competitive bids and the Government picking winners – there will always be losers.

“Well-resourced authorities with bidding expertise will be able to submit ‘better’ bids so the whole approach widens the gaps and inhibits a strategic approach to development.

“Meanwhile, other councils are putting huge resource and capacity into writing bids which they don’t win. So money is diverted from other useful and necessary things for no reason.

“Our members tell us that a stable system for funding local government based on clear criteria and evidence is urgently needed.

“This way of funding will always produce controversial outcomes – instead of arguing about those we should focus on how to how to change the system.”


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