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LGIU response to the Electoral Commission’s report on voter ID

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) said:

“The Electoral Commission report published this morning should concern anyone who believes in strong and inclusive local democracy.

“The report shows that approximately 14,000 voters were turned away at their polling stations because of the new requirements, and estimates that many more may have simply decided not to even try. The report also, concerningly, cites evidence that certain groups – including disabled people and the unemployed – may have found it harder than average to participate because of the new requirements. This is simply unacceptable.

“Participation in local elections has always been low, especially considering the importance of local services in the lives of citizens across the country, and the Electoral Commission report suggests that voter ID may pose another obstacle in the way of democratic participation.

Our own research, due to be launched in September, also demonstrates that organising elections has become significantly more difficult because of the introduction of ID, and that elections staff have severe concerns about low voter turnout.”


Notes to editors

New research on the implementation of voter ID Our experts from the Local Democracy Research Centre are currently carrying out extensive research on the effects that voter ID is having on organising elections, turnout and trust in elections after the recent implementation in the 2023 elections. All of our findings will be based on our recent research funded by the JRSST- Charitable Trust. The full report is due to be launched in September.

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