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LGiU Response: Party Manifesto Analysis

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said: 

“Devolution is the new name of the game but it’s not entirely clear that the three major political parties got the memo, based on their manifestos launched this week.

While it is clear that there has been a positive change in the attitude to devolving power to more local levels – is it enough to guarantee transformation? The manifestos leave open many questions.

There seems to be a degree of consensus over what could be devolved but across the board it isn’t clear to whom responsibilities for functions like housing and transport would be devolved to.

The direction of travel, for example in devolution and health and social care integration, is clear and there is a broad consensus between the parties. Implementation, however, may prove very different. More joining together of health and social care will not miraculously solve the increasing social care funding crisis.

The lack of detail in the plans of the political parties is a challenge, but it also presents a unique opportunity for local government to make its case for radical reform to powers and financing before anything is set in stone.”



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