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LGIU response: Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

LGIU response to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU said: “Our concern about the Levelling Up White Paper was that it didn’t envisage a sufficiently strategic or wide ranging leadership role for local government. The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill as published reinforces those concerns.

It only really engages with one new vision for local government: combined county authorities with elected mayors and with one local government function: planning. These are both important but there’s so much more that local authorities can be and so much more they can do. If we want to achieve the important levelling up missions that this Bill passes in to law, we will need a more imaginative and transformational approach to local leadership and the role of local government.

At more than three hundred pages long, the Bill is a very thick document but its vision for local government is rather thin.”


On the level

Our latest report digests LGIU’s extensive research and analysis around levelling up and looks at the opportunities it offers and the risks it poses. On the level outlines the key principles that should underpin the forthcoming Levelling Up White Paper: clarity, scope, partnership, transparency, flexibility and accountability.

Everything you need to know about levelling up, all in one place. 

The LGIU has, over the last two years, published a series of briefings and research papers for our members to try and clarify what levelling up will entail, whether it is a coherent policy and how local government can respond. This bundle brings together our extensive collection of materials around levelling up.

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