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LGiU response – 2019 General Election results

LGiU response – 2019 General Election results

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said:

“After last night’s historic win, Boris Johnson’s government is now left to deliver on their mandate to get Brexit done and finish what they started. But, Brexit isn’t the only unfinished business for this new government.

Local authority finances are in a dire state after a decade of cuts with councils up and down the country struggling to keep basic statutory services going. 

Councils are currently left in limbo with no clear indication as to how they will be funded from the end of next year and no certainty as to when a financial settlement for the year ahead will be confirmed. 

The new UK government needs to address the unfinished business of localism for a new decade. Sustainable reform of local government finances should be at the top of their agenda. 

Today, at LGiU, we set out our ten big ideas for local government from the last decade that are still current in ten policy areas that still need to be resolved. These are ideas we still believe in, ideas on which we have made some progress but which still need to be fully implemented, ideas which are not new but which remain current.

That these ideas remain necessary is, implicitly, a rebuke to previous governments. It is also an opportunity for the new one.”