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Decentralisation of business rates

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LGiU Response – Decentralisation of business rates


Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said:


“Today George Osborne has proved his credentials as a devolutionary Chancellor. Decentralising business rates could mean greater independence for councils across the country, the opportunity for many of them to unleash their economic potential locally. Until very recently, Treasury officials were briefing that decentralising business rates was out of the question, so this represents a huge step towards a more localised tax system in line with other developed economies.


However, the Chancellor’s devolution revolution must be a locally-led process. We don’t want to leave councils out in the cold because of uncertainty. This process will need to be managed in a way that is fair and that gives local authorities and local people the maximum possible control over the economic destiny of their areas.


The key question here is not how much money will these measures raise but will it be enough to cover any new responsibilities. As such, we look forward to seeing the detail of the Chancellor’s plan in the Autumn Spending Review in November.”





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