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Budget 2015

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Budget 2015 

Osborne Shows Devolution is Work in Progress

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGiU, comments: “This budget offers further evidence of a welcome momentum towards devolution and takes us one step nearer to a localist tipping point from which future governments will be unable to row back. We are particularly pleased to see the announcement that Greater Manchester, Cheshire East and Cambridgeshire will be able to keep 100% of business rate growth, something we have long called for and which our research shows that nearly 80 per cent of councils want.

The devolution deals we have seen so far are the result of a dynamic treasury negotiating directly with local authorities (often on a cross party basis): the first time in a generation this has happened. We urge the chancellor to make good on his promise of an open door to negotiate similar deals for other councils. But if this door is open then the onus is on local government to walk through it.”

See here for a full summary of the Budget.


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