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Post-local election events

Post-local election events

We run an extensive programme of informative, practical and  popular seminars for local government. The seminars cover a range of subjects and will keep elected members and officers up to date with key developments. Here’s what we’ve got lined up so far for May and June;

Online Councillor Skills: find, listen and engage with your local online community


This two hour session will look at:

  • what tools are available – and when and where to use them
  • how to find members of the local online community and how to encourage them to follow you back
  • how to listen to and filter these many voices in an organised way
  • when and where to engage – and what to say
  • using statistics to analyse output and reach more people

Using effective procurement to drive savings: a step-by-step approach

This seminar offers delegates:

  • the ten top tips on achieving fast procurement savings
  • a chance to explore why councils often don’t know what they spend, and what to do about it
  • case studies demonstrating practical solutions councils have used to reduce spend
  • options for reducing the costs of procurement
  • the seven building blocks vital to procuring jointly with others

Local power: how councils can make the most of renewable energy 

This event will aid councils in making the most of renewable energy opportunities. It will help attendees to design a strategy that meets local needs and priorities, is sustainably resourced and makes an accurate assessment of likely future costs and profits.

Building the Big Society: making the vision a reality

This seminar is designed for councillors, officers and heads of service who are involved with community engagement and commissioning within the voluntary and community sectors, who want to hear more about how to approach the challenges that the ‘Big Society’ brings and get some practical ideas from peers in the field.

Understanding Community Engagement

The seminar will look at:

  • Comparing different engagement methods and considering their different advantages and disadvantages
  • Issues to consider in targeting consultation for particular communities and groups
  • An overview of public meetings, focus groups and surveys as key methods of engagement
  • How engagement relates to the Big Society agenda