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Policy works: does form follow function?


Image: Jared Tarbell

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about form and function in local government. For communications, for engagement, for policy.

Hopefully you’ve seen news of our new policy network.  We want to know what makes a great policy team tick.  Where do good policy teams sit inside the organisation? What functions do they include? How do they share knowledge and information? How do they serve senior managers, members, partners and citizens?

If you were re-designing policy services in a local authority, what would you want to know about what others do already?

I’m developing a survey to send out to policy leads and it will be open for others, too. If you’re working in policy in public services, what do you want to know about policy teams?

Leave a comment – and I’ll try to work it into the survey.

If you’re a policy lead and an LGiU member, you’ll get a copy of the findings. Everyone who participates in the survey will be sent a copy as well and I’ll share findings here, too.
Photo Credit: jared via Compfight cc