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Weekly bin collections: arguments for and against

The CLG proposal for new money to encourage weekly bin collections has been controversial. This briefing looks at the arguments for and against and describes what we know about the scheme.

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Public finance reform and the limitations of evidence

Away from the main stages and media drama a consistent fringe theme at all three party conferences was public service reform and in particular their future financing. Although it was framed in different language, there was a recognition amongst all three parties that we needed to find new ways of designing public services to cope…

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October’s edition of c’llr magazine

October’s edition of c’llr magazine is out and is available to download for free. The special feature in the edition is on children’s services and includes an interview with Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton. c’llr also includes; – Hazel Blears on the community response to the riots – Rory Palmer, Leicester’s deputy City Mayor, on the first…

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Special seminar: FOI and local government

The UCL’s Constitution Unit are conducting the first systematic study of the objectives, benefits and consequences of FOI and English local government.

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Risk and Reward: local government and risk in the new public realm

There has never been a greater need for innovation in local government service delivery. This report recommends councils to adopt an eight-point risk manifesto for a more flexible approach to risk in order to maximise the potential involvement of community groups and other in delivering services.

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