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Spending Review November 2020: Highlights for local government

Today the Chancellor laid out his much-anticipated one-year Spending Review, in place of the Comprehensive Spending Review and three-year plan he had hoped to produce before the pandemic disrupted the economic backdrop. This on-the-day briefing brings you the highlights.

England & Wales
Members & Followers

School attendance and pupil wellbeing under Covid-19

Pupil attendance at school during the Autumn Term 2020 has been affected by the need for pupil and staff isolation as Covid-19 continues to make school-based learning difficult in many parts of England. This briefing is on recent studies and government policy developments on the issue and the new national lockdown announced on 4 January…

England & Wales

Oireachtas report: April 2021

This briefing provides a summary of Oireachtas activity in April, covering social housing, new personal injuries guidelines and private security services.


Brexit: Schools update

Provides an update on DfE guidance for England on the implications of Brexit for schools and further education.

England & Wales

Developing stronger partnerships with housing associations

This briefing examines the changing relationship between councils and housing associations since the 1988 Housing Act and proposes ways in which partnership arrangements can be strengthened in the future.

England & Wales, Scotland

Initial teacher training (ITT) and teacher professional development

How teachers enter, and are inducted into, the teaching profession matters not just because of the need to have sufficient well-trained teachers in schools but because of the role teachers have in society and in developing the character, minds and personalities of future generations of citizens. In England, the Government is pursuing reforms on initial…

England & Wales

Local government finance in the pandemic

The recent NAO report on local government finance during the pandemic is sobering but not unexpected. It calls on the government to focus on service sustainability, to continue to provide additional financial support and warns of the risks of financial failure should that support not be forthcoming.

England & Wales

Opportunities for local government to catalyse inclusive and sustainable economic transitions

In this introductory briefing, Dr Anne Tiernan explores the ideas and identifies the opportunity context that presents for local governments to catalyse and drive inclusive, sustainable economic growth, to build on and leverage their strengths, and to attract and retain investment in their communities and places. This series of briefings will address the nexus between…