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Financial Exclusion and Credit Unions in Scotland and the UK

As individual and family debt has increased, there has been growing interest in credit unions. Local authorities across the UK have played a significant role in promoting credit unions and financial inclusion. This briefing outlines some successful examples in both Scotland, England and wider.

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GE17 lite #4

...failed to capture attention – there was a bit of a flourish early on but that fizzled out quite quickly. Children’s social care did not feature much in any of...

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Will Brexit happen?

This is a LGiU Ireland briefing that we think will be of interest to English readers as it presents brexit from an Irish perspective. Speaking at a meeting of the Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Dr Peter Brennan of the Public Policy Advisors Network explains his current thinking on Brexit.

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A very different system: Ward boundary reform in Chicago

We’ve published a briefing on the processes behind and reactions to the recently changed ward boundaries in Scotland, so on the same theme, and in the spirit of international local government comparison, LGiU Scotland’s Hannah Muirhead gives a quick introduction to her other favourite ward boundary change process.

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Viewpoint: Customer insight the digital way

...out the day on which their bin is picked up. We all sat back fairly confidently as we prepared to watch – after all most of us had spent time...

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California dreaming…

...happens on the national stage usually has an impact on our local communities and that of course (to stretch it a bit) what happens locally can be influential nationally. But...

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Scrutiny: unleashing the power of individual voices sometimes a bit jaded, it was unbelievably inspiring. Whether watching the fifteen two-minute videos for the shortlisted entries for the Good Scrutiny Awards, listening to Robert Francis QC provide...

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Who pays for local services?

...nationally. In contrast, the level of Council Tax is set locally, collected locally and retained locally – so it is truly a local tax, albeit increases are restricted to 3%....

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Can grammar schools work for everyone? A review of the evidence

Following the publication of the Government consultation paper 'Schools that work for everyone', there has been a public debate on selective education. This CSN briefing reviews the recent evidence that supports the debate.

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