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Local government honours the memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Around the world, local government acts as a locus of remembrance and grief. Here we collect examples of how Queen Elizabeth II has been honoured by local government officials and institutions and how they also provide a centre for local people to express their grief.

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The global impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s death

Despite her impressive age of 96 years old, for many, the death of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday still felt almost unexpected. Its impact has been felt far beyond the UK, unleashing intense emotions across the globe – as discussed in this reflective piece. 

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A First Nations Voice to Parliament: Local Government’s role

The call for a First Nations Voice to the Australian Parliament has a long history. This is the first of separate policy briefings for each of the three key elements of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It outlines the history, why the First Nations Voice is the first of the three elements in the…


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – our country’s greatest public servant

As local government joins the rest of the country in mourning Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Carr-West pays tribute to the remarkable and inspirational legacy of public service that she bequeaths to all those involved in civic life.

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