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Swift read: The Homelessness Reduction Act in England

It is nine months since the Homelessness Reduction Act came into force in England. New government statistics highlight what councils are doing to prevent and relieve homelessness in line with the new legislation.

Global, Scotland

Democracy Matters: Regional Deliberation Event Glasgow (Afternoon)

We are inviting you to have your say on the themes and issues that have arisen from Democracy Matters conversations that have been happening across the country. Find out more about the Local Governance Review & Democracy Matters Conversations, meet the team and discuss your views and ideas about how we can bring decision making…


Seminar: An Introduction to Local Government Finance

This seminar gives a very good grounding in how local government finance works in practice and sets the ‘basics as part of the bigger picture of current developments and longer-term trends.

England & Wales

SEMINAR: Reducing Social Isolation in Old Age through Community Engagement

In this Seminar we are going to look at Social Isolation as that can impact on well being and loneliness and consider what forms of engagement communities and local authorities can offer to address this growing problem. Social isolation is an objective state determined by the quantity of social relationships and contacts between individuals, across…

England & Wales