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Subtle density in the suburbs: reimagining the 1960s walk-up apartment block

1960s red-brick walk-up apartment blocks are ubiquitous in the inner and middle suburbs of our cities. As many are coming to the end of their functional lives, the orthodox planning response might be to allow much higher density developments in their place, influenced by the financial feasibility of demolition and redevelopment – but is there…


Social infrastructure – rapid evidence review of community initiatives

There is growing interest amongst politicians and policymakers in the potential role of social/community infrastructure in promoting thriving communities. Policies introduced across several UK nations aim to grow social infrastructure. This report examines the evidence base on ‘what works’ with regard to social infrastructure and community initiatives.

Australia, England & Wales, Scotland

Global Local: Emerging technologies in education

Emerging technologies in education Each week we focus on a different global topic, highlighting innovative content and insights from LGIU and our members around the world.   Over the last decade, the digitalisation of education has already created a number of opportunities for students and educators alike, with developments such as free online tutoring programmes,…