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Cork City Council: A Month in the Life

This month we're looking at the achievements and innovations of Cork City Council from the past month.

Global, Ireland

What are the Irish doing? Another 5 innovative local government programmes

We’re continuing our popular summaries of some of the winning projects, with another batch of Irish good local government practice updates. Given the many similarities between Ireland and Scotland, they’ll make useful reading for anybody working in Scottish local government.


Culture is Digital

Culture is Digital highlights the opportunities for collaboration between the cultural and technology sectors and builds on policy commitments in the Culture White Paper to review the digitisation of public collections and enhance the online cultural experience, and in the UK Digital Strategy to increase digital participation.


Firstline: DfE evaluation report on social work leadership programme

This briefing is on the DfE commissioned evaluation of Firstline, a leadership programme for first line managers, working in children and families social work. It will be of prime interest to practitioners and leaders across the social care sector, as well as local authority officers and members.


Local government communications and social media

Social media is everywhere. To some extent, it affects the lives of everyone, even those who profess not to use or understand it. It is therefore essential that local government public relations teams use social media alongside more traditional methods of communication.


Navigating media and communications for councillors

The briefing provides an introduction to media and communications for councillors, describing how councils commonly involve councillors in media coverage. It covers some legal issues and describes the ways in which councillors can use the media and direct communication, giving tips on identifying news stories and speaking to journalists.

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Disruptive eDemocracy: A step towards participatory politics

This piece from Richard Parsons was originally posted on his Richard is a former editor of and you can find him on twitter at @problybored Last year I wrote about how I would define eDemocracy, and concluded by suggesting that: “Looking back 50 years from now, eDemocracy will be the name we give to…

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