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How arts and cultural activities are supporting co-production and innovation in public services

This seminar series will cover both theory and practice. We will initially introduce the case for commissioning public service outcomes from arts and cultural providers, review stories of strong practice and highlight the barriers to greater levels of commissioning. We will hear from commissioners who are leading innovation in this area about the methods they…

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Highlands & Islands Ecosystem for rural mental health and active healthy ageing

Healthy Ageing Challenge Overview: the £98 million ‘healthy ageing programme’ will drive the development of new products and services which will help people to live in their homes for longer, tackle loneliness and isolation, and increase independence, self-management and wellbeing. Hear about the programme and how to get involved. Registration from 10.30. Online access will be…


Navigating media and communications for councillors

The briefing provides an introduction to media and communications for councillors, describing how councils commonly involve councillors in media coverage. It covers some legal issues and describes the ways in which councillors can use the media and direct communication, giving tips on identifying news stories and speaking to journalists.

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Childhood Obesity Plan reviewed

Two years after the Government’s Childhood obesity: a plan for action was published, three reviews have been published which demonstrate the need for a whole systems approach which involved both schools and local government.

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Disruptive eDemocracy: A step towards participatory politics

This piece from Richard Parsons was originally posted on his Richard is a former editor of and you can find him on twitter at @problybored Last year I wrote about how I would define eDemocracy, and concluded by suggesting that: “Looking back 50 years from now, eDemocracy will be the name we give to…

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Caught in the web: the perils and perks of the internet, a guide for local government

This briefing looks at some of the positive ways the internet has influenced local government and some of the ways in which it has a negative impact. It includes an overview of undesirable and criminal online behaviour and introduces some of the ways that regulation of internet safety is currently being discussed.


Limerick Regeneration Programme: Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards Winner

This is the 15th instalment in our series of briefings exploring winning programmes from the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards. This week we’re taking a look at the winner of the Promoting Economic Development Category, Limerick City and County Council's regeneration programme: Model of pathways to employment in the hospitality and catering industry.

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Identity, Communities, Regeneration: sense of place in local government

In this long read Janet Sillett looks at what makes a place a place, what makes some places work and others not, how councils chart the story of their places and respond to the changes that inevitably happen.

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