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One week to the locals

...– we really need ward level results. (Read more about how useful ward level data can be here in a blog post from Anna Powell-Smith at Flourish). Typically it takes...

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Scotland and England: local government devolution – lessons and issues

This briefing, originally written for our Scotland service is also of interest to England: it provides an overview of devolution in England, analyses what have been the major issues to date, and looks at collaboration and competition issues for Scottish and English devolution – especially in the North of England.

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Improving child health – whole society or individual approaches?

Can childhood health be improved by messages to parents about what is best for the health of their children or is a collectivist and whole society approach a necessary addition? This briefing looks at the issue using the IPPR report ‘The whole society approach: Making a giant leap on childhood health’.

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Preventative Health Policy Briefing

The LGiU in conjunction with Browne Jacobson and Capsticks held a roundtable in Nottingham to bring together leading practitioners to explore the emerging preventative health agenda, its implications for local government and the forms of partnership working it will require. We wanted to use the roundtable to discuss emerging issues, challenges and opportunities in the…

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Words from a Gen-Z

Ella Henry should have sat her A levels this year and enjoyed a long summer with her friends before university, but then the world changed. She writes for us about the impact of the pandemic on her and other young people.

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We’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat: the long-lasting health equity impacts of Covid-19

Recent research, including the latest Public Health England report, shows that more deprived communities face additional hazards that put them at risk of catching the virus or dying from the effects of the pandemic. In this briefing, we offer policy recommendations for local governments and communities to come out of Covid-19 healthier and fairer.

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More focus on towns

Towns are starting to get the attention they deserve in policy terms. LGiU has long covered the particular challenges facing smaller towns and Janet Sillett looks at issues.

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School Sport and Activity – Government Plan

The plan aims to provide school pupils in England with greater opportunities to access at least 60 minutes of sport and physical activity every day including strengthening the role of physical activity within a young person’s daily routine, providing guidance on how teachers and parents can play their part, and promoting a joined-up approach to…

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