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LGIU guide for new councillors

Becoming a councillor is an exciting time but can also be daunting. This short guide provides information and advice for our new councillor members to help navigate through the initial period in this critical role.

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Everyone’s business – Climate Week in Scotland

While the world’s attention remains focused on the pandemic, this year’s Climate Week comes as a timely reminder that Covid-19 is not the only crisis the planet faces. LGIU’s Alice Creasy writes on how climate change is already affecting the UK, and the role of local authorities in working to incorporate climate strategies into recovery.

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Can e-scooters save us from ‘carmageddon’?

As part of the UK’s ‘green restart of local transport’ e-scooter trials have been brought forward, with many local authorities already in talks with providers. What are some of the regulatory concerns for local government, and what can we learn from other countries’ mistakes?

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The state of indigenous treaty negotiations in Australia

NAIDOC Week celebrations are being held across the country to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This briefing is an update on an earlier briefing on Treaty developments with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia.

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International Students and Local Government Planning

As more students choose to study internationally, local governments can positively address the impact of international students on cities. This briefing showcases how local government in three cities in Scotland, England, and Australia incorporate international students into their strategic planning to reap significant benefits to local areas, such as promoting investment and addressing demographic concerns.

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Covid-19: Was the UK government ready for the pandemic?

With the pandemic more than a year old, how has the UK government performed so far? A National Audit Office report praises parts of the public sector for its response while flagging up notable areas where the state could, and should, do better.

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Practical lessons from NSW local government reform implementation

This briefing reflects on the implementation of the NSW reforms and shares observations regarding the practical lived experiences, challenges and benefits which emerged, which may inform the implementation process for Victorian councils.