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Global Local In Brief: COP27

This week, we look at the COP27 conference and how local government can address the “knowing-doing gap” when helping to tackle climate change.

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Global Local bulletin: Extraction-based communities

This week, we’re looking at the community welfare issues extraction-based communities face and how local government can support their regeneration and a just transition to new industries.

Digging deep to honour mining heritage

When mines play out, as they inevitably do, a hole is often left not just in the ground, but in the heart of the community. We take a look at tourism that celebrates mining history and supports local economies.

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COP-26: One Year On – Global Local Executive Panel

On the 10th November 2022, the LGIU and VLGA held a panel to discuss COP-26: One Year On. Composed of Council Chief Executives from across the globe, this panel discussed all that has happened in the last twelve months and the ongoing implications for local government from the COP-26 discussions and resolutions.

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The challenges faced by extraction-based communities

Background Mining is a finite economic activity and is crucial to many national economies.  It provides temporary socioeconomic benefits to communities such as job creation, increased investment and significant contribution to national GDP.  The benefits of the economic activity can last beyond the life of the mine, however, weak governance and institutions and poor legal…