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Up close and personal: voter profiling via social media

Nobody will have failed to notice recent news coverage of the way in which social media may have influenced voters, but the different investigations and accusations can be confusing. This briefing aims to give an overview of the issues.

Members – Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards Winner

This is the fifth in our series of briefings exploring winning programmes from the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards. This week we’re taking a look at the winner of the Outstanding Customer Service category – Limerick City and County Council’s website


Mapping climate disadvantage in England

A new online mapping tool published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation enables users in local authorities to explore “climate change disadvantage” at a neighbourhood scale across England. It brings together climate risk and social vulnerability spatially and is a unique tool for local authorities and their partners.

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Soon all spending data over £250 will be published online

Since August 2010 the Department for Communities and Local Government  has been publishing details of all goods and services spent over £500 – matching a demand it made of councils in June of that year. Now it appears Eland House is upping the ante. A press release came out today announcing the department is opening…

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Webinar Workshop: An Introduction to using Social Media

Description Councillors and Officers often ask what is social media and how can it be used effectively to engage and inform citizens. This Webinar Workshop is a basic introduction to social media. It looks at the importance of engaging rather than just promoting and it briefly goes through the tools that both officers and councillors…

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Webinar: Professional & Community Development through Intentional Networks

Description: In this webinar we are going to look at ‘Intentional Networks’ and how they can be created online to achieve an agreed outcome, and particularly in this webinar a learning outcome.   This is particularly pertinent for those in local government, community and health professions where the exchange of information is vital.  It is…

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