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Rate pegging in local government

Local government is under pressure from their communities to minimise rate increases during the COVID-19 pandemic, and governments are under pressure to remove financial impediments (via mechanisms such as rate and capping or pegging) to assist local governments stimulate their local economies. Rate pegging was introduced in New South Wales in 1976. In Victoria, rate…


Spaces for People – speaking personally on the art of the possible

Giving examples from Glasgow, James Bonner writes on the need to protect public spaces that under the pandemic have been transformed from having just movement function into places to be, and, going forward, the importance of valuing such spaces from a wellbeing perspective – rather than the usual economic one.

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Starter Homes: the housing scheme that never started

According to the Commons public accounts committee the government wasted five years and nearly £200 million on the Starter Homes scheme, only to quietly drop it in favour of another programme for first-time buyers.

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Covid-19 and Planning Responsibilities

The disruption of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the urgent need to redirect attention and resources elsewhere, does not mean that planning responsibilities are on hold – but it does make their delivery substantially harder. This article draws together recent government announcements relating to planning during the outbreak.

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Children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing under Covid-19

There is a growing evidence showing that the Covid-19 pandemic is significantly affecting children and young people’s mental health. This briefing looks at the recent research and practice to support children and young people.

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Fire safety after Grenfell

Why is it taking so long to improve fire safety in residential tower blocks three years after Grenfell? Recent reports by a House of Commons Select Committee and the NAO look at the limited work completed so far, the effect on residents, and how much more needs to be done soon.  

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Covid-19 pandemic authoritarianism? Exceptional politics and the peril of democratic decline

International studies show a global decline in democracy since 2006. The current spread of ‘states of emergency’ in democratic and non-democratic countries runs a risk of eroding civil liberties even far beyond the end of the crisis. The pandemic is triggering discussions about permanent surveillance measures, the recentralisation of policies, and exceptional rules – even…

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Homelessness in Glasgow – a CAN DO project film screening

Come along and see a short film by award winning Scottish film-maker Frank McGowan, who has been following a group of young disabled people from ‘Possobilities’ in Glasgow – as led by Leonard Cheshire’s ‘Can Do’ in partnership with students from City of Glasgow College, they look at issues surrounding homelessness in Glasgow, and engage…