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In your twenties, lonely, and lost? Me too

LGIU Associate Amanda Jones reflects on her personal experience of loneliness as a person in their twenties during the pandemic and outlines how employers can ensure their employees are supported and how individuals can best maintain their own wellbeing during this time. 

England & Wales, Scotland Blog Post

Action on Blight: A Vacant and Derelict Land Toolkit

Kathie Pollard, Scottish Land Commission Policy Officer, writes for LGiU on the issue of vacant and derelict land, outlining a framework created by the Commission that enables policymakers to better incorporate considerations for the harm caused by long-term vacancy and dereliction into their policy decisions.

Scotland Blog Post

An insight into national and local Poverty Commissions

The creation of poverty and inequality commissions is one method deployed to address rising levels of poverty in the UK and build a more inclusive model of governance. The following briefing will examine both the national Poverty and Inequality Commission and a number of smaller city-based commissions across the UK, in an effort to explore…

England & Wales, Scotland

The Puzzle of Rural Exodus in High Income Countries

This briefing explores how fighting rural depopulation requires an understanding of the root causes in a deep and systematic way, that solutions will require more than earmarked investments and industrial deals, and both rural and urban local authorities can benefit from exploring partnerships.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Guide to Crowdfunding for Local Authorities

LGiU, in partnership with Spacehive, have released a practical guide designed to help officers and councillors unpick the different types of crowdfunding, their uses within and outside local government, and contains practical tips for those who wish to give crowdfunding a try.

England & Wales

Who’s Accountable?

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) published its report: ‘Who’s accountable? Relationships between Government and arm’s-length bodies’ on 10 November 2014. This briefing gives an overview of the conclusions and recommendations of the report. This briefing will be of interest to elected members and a broad spectrum of officers, in particular those leading on civil…

England & Wales

Secondary school curriculum and accountability – update

Government plans for plans for developing the secondary school curriculum and implementing school level accountable measures were announced recently. This briefing looks at the plans.

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