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Peter Smith

Peter Smith worked in local government policy at local, regional and national levels for 32 years, before becoming the LGIU commissioning editor for England and Wales in 2021. He began his local government career at the London Boroughs Grants Unit, working closely with central government in developing single homelessness policy in London. He then spent…

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Daniel Hines

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Sid Hayward

Sid leads LGIU’s Global Local newsletter, writing, researching and commissioning content on innovative local government policy worldwide. Before joining, Sid worked as an associate for LGIU, writing and publishing the Australian Daily News service. He studied politics and IR at Cardiff University. Contact Sid:

Heather Yedigaroff

Heather joined the LGIU in September 2022 as Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for the management of the operations and commercial business of LGIU. Heather has significant experience in creating positive organisational culture and developing and managing commercial arrangements. She started her career at the Royal Borough of Greenwich where laterally she was responsible…

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Autumn Statement 2022 and OBR forecasts – better than we feared?

This briefing looks in depth at the main funding announcements for local government in the Autumn Statement. It looks at the broader fiscal context, including the outlook for the economy and local government over the next few years.

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Place-based asset management – Insights from Georges River

Georges River Council shares their shift to place-based asset management and connecting asset planning to outcomes. The council created new internal structures that bring together specialised skills.

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Australia Weekly Round Up: LGIU latest and Daily News

All your Daily News and the latest resources from LGIU and the wider world of local government – including new briefings on using housing targets as strategic tools and insights from new Zealand's Future for Local Government review.

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Ireland Weekly Digest: LGIU latest and Daily News

All your Daily News and the latest resources from LGIU – including a Global Local newsletter on addressing loneliness in the community and a briefing from Cork County Council overviewing their latest projects. 

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Scotland Weekly Digest: LGIU latest and Daily News

Your Daily News plus an overview of all the latest resources and insights from LGIU, including a look at Scotland's unprecedented financial challenges in 2023/24 and the latest Global Local newsletter on loneliness.