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Children, young people and domestic abuse: Why we need to intervene early

This briefing examines the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people and how early intervention works to improve their safety and wellbeing, and contributes to improving their long-term outcomes after experiencing such adversity. It then goes on to highlight several early intervention approaches and services around Scotland that work to improve outcomes for…

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City of Adelaide’s parking experience transformation

This briefing looks at the introduction of Smart Parking initiatives across Australia as part of Smart Cities strategies, and discusses the approach adopted by the City of Adelaide, the potential benefits that were sought, the business case and the experiences and learnings to date arising from implementation of this project.


The work of the planning regulator during 2019

It is vital that the planning system in Ireland operates in a fair, independent and transparent manner. After corruption in the existing system over the past few decades was detailed, The Office of the Planning Regulator was established in 2019. This briefing examines the work of the OPR during 2019 and some of its plans for…


National Entitlement Card – Simplifying the Jigsaw

It’s been over 15 years since the National Entitlement Card (NEC) launched in December 2004 as Scotland’s national smartcard. The Digital Public Services team at the Improvement Service reflect on some of the impacts of the scheme, and how they might reduce some of its complexities going forward.

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Local government and Covid-19: the lockdown

 This is the third of our coronavirus briefings which update members on new guidance and regulations, look at specific issues, and provide commentary on how Covid-19 is profoundly affecting local government. This briefing focuses on the impact of the lockdown on our communities, individuals and businesses.

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Swift Read: The Transport Bill transforming local authority powers in Scotland

New powers for local authorities in Scotland are included in the Transport (Scotland) Bill passed on Thursday 10 October 2019, including powers for councils to bring in bus service improvement partnerships or operating their own bus companies, the introduction of low-emission zones and the introduction of the workplace parking levy. This briefing covers the main…


Restricting rebellion

As the most recent form of environmental activism looks to be curbed by new legal restrictions, we must question if now is really the time to ignore the voices calling for a more sustainable future, writes LGIU’s Alice Buszard.

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Job creation for inclusive growth in cities

This Joseph Rowntree Foundation sets out the aims, rationales and types of demand-side policies for inclusive growth. Demand side policies seek to raise the level and enhance the quality of demand for labour in a city economy, increase labour demand for specific groups, and improve the quality of jobs.

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In Conversation With… Local Government Benchmarking Team

...there’s more of an improvement culture. We’ve really grown. An example would be the family groups; there are groups of like-minded councils who regularly meet in particular areas and support...

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