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Canada Bay Connects

One year on from when COVID-19 first hit, the City of Canada Bay takes us through some of the ways they adapted to the pandemic to maintain access to community services and keep citizens connected and supported through the last 12 challenging months.

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Covid-19: School examinations and assessments 2020: what’s happening

Following the cancellation of 2020 examinations and assessments in all United Kingdom schools, this briefing looks at the arrangements which have been put in place in England and Scotland to assess secondary-aged students in to assist with their educational and life progression.

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Health inequalities after Covid-19: challenges and opportunities

Covid-19 is shining a light on our society, and a prominent theme has been health inequalities. Social determinants like poverty, educational opportunities, worklessness and poor housing are interlinked and have a negative impact on health. This briefing considers emerging trends on health inequalities in the progress of the virus.

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Free schools programme in England

Free schools have been one of the more controversial educational innovations by the UK Government in England since the 2010 general election. This briefing provides a 10-year look at the free school programme and what might happen next.

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Childcare costs and availability 2021 – Coram Family and Childcare

The role of childcare in supporting parents in employment is often overlooked. As much of the provision is in the private, voluntary and independent sectors, with local authority oversight to ensure sufficiency, it has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This briefing looks at the current position using the recent annual update from the…

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Swift Read: Best practice in data and evidence led governance

This briefing provides a summary of the What Works Cities Certification, which is an initiative that can help cities determine whether they have the right practices in place to put data and evidence centrally in decision-making.

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Youth employment after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to impact on the workforce hard. Evidence from previous economic crises indicates that young people are likely to be affected more than most groups in the workforce. This briefing looks at what has happened in previous recessions and what can be done now.

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Online Training: Minuting Virtual Meetings

This programme has been developed to support Councillors and Officers who are responsible for minuting virtual meetings.

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