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Introducing… Changemakers

LGiU had some new neighbours move into the next office over the holidays. We are very excited to work alongside Changemakers as we believe their aims match ours – empowering people to take a lead and strengthening communities. As a way to introduce them to our network, we have asked them to write a guest blog outlining the great work they do, and how you…

England & Wales Blog Post

Metropolitan Governance – A new trend in local public service reform

This briefing examines the issues around building metropolitan governance arrangements to underpin a strategic planning framework for Ireland, noting how the move towards metropolitan arrangements is now a common feature of local and regional public service reform across the OECD.


The revised National Planning Policy Framework

This briefing covers the proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), on which the government is currently consulting. It addresses the main proposals by theme, dealing at length with housing delivery and affordable housing before going on to look at issues relating to place-making, transport, conservation and sustainability.


Factors that promote and hinder joint and integrated working between health and social care

This briefing summarises and comments on a report of a research review by the Social Care Institute for Excellence. The report aims to give providers and users of services an overview of the research evidence for joint and integrated working. It focuses on jointly-organised services for older people and people with mental health problems in…

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Putting victims first – More effective responses to anti-social behaviour

The briefing provides a summary of the Government’s white paper on improving the approach to anti-social behaviour. The proposals are designed to put the needs of the victim first. A number of proposals stem from identified weaknesses in current anti-social behaviour powers that are cumbersome, difficult to apply and routinely breached. The briefing will be…

England & Wales

The future of local government

Covid-19 has exacerbated and accelerated a period of huge disruption across many parts of the globe. Dr Andy Johnston looks at the implications of this disruption for local government and examines potential future scenarios for the future of the sector.

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Community solidarity, economic division: the story of a year

In many ways communities and individuals have shown extraordinary resilience over the past year, but, writes Janet Sillett, the key story has been the brutal exposure and exacerbation of a myriad of social and economic inequalities. Where do we go from here?

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