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Shifting engagement online in a global pandemic

The tools needed to engage remotely are already at our disposal. The current situation requires us to focus on the first principles of stakeholder and community engagement. This briefing looks at how to approach community and stakeholder engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19: School examinations and assessments 2020: what’s happening

Following the cancellation of 2020 examinations and assessments in all United Kingdom schools, this briefing looks at the arrangements which have been put in place in England and Scotland to assess secondary-aged students in to assist with their educational and life progression.

England & Wales

Insights from Scotland: digital progress by local government

Covid-19 has increased the pace at which Scotland’s councils are delivering services through digital technology. A new report from Accounts Commission finds that councils are at different stages of digital transformation and that greater collaboration, use of shared expertise, citizen engagement and strategic planning are needed to fully realise the potential.

Australia, England & Wales, Scotland
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DfE guidance on Covid-19 – England

This briefing is a guide to the guidance and other documentation which has been published by the Department for Education for England by Monday, 4 May on schools, colleges, early years settings and children’s social care.

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Covid-19: what about free school education? A personal view

It’s the 75th anniversary of abolition of school fees this month, but what does it mean when perhaps 95% of children and young people are now home learning? And should the additional costs of home learning be met by the state? John Fowler, Policy Manager, LGIU tries to answer these questions.

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Online Training: Tackling Disinformation Online and Offline

This course will look at how you can mitigate the impact of disinformation online and offline, including considering the importance of facilitating community development; fixing resident issues; watching over council decision-making and acting in your party group to promote your manifesto.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

Health, public health and social care round-up: May 2021

This month’s round-up focuses on primary care post Covid, discharge care arrangements and proposed measures to combat obesity. The round-up also highlights developments in integrated care systems and the CQC’s strategy for 2021.

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