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Covid-19: what about free school education? A personal view

It’s the 75th anniversary of abolition of school fees this month, but what does it mean when perhaps 95% of children and young people are now home learning? And should the additional costs of home learning be met by the state? John Fowler, Policy Manager, LGIU tries to answer these questions.

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Childcare costs and availability 2021 – Coram Family and Childcare

The role of childcare in supporting parents in employment is often overlooked. As much of the provision is in the private, voluntary and independent sectors, with local authority oversight to ensure sufficiency, it has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This briefing looks at the current position using the recent annual update from the…

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Youth employment after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to impact on the workforce hard. Evidence from previous economic crises indicates that young people are likely to be affected more than most groups in the workforce. This briefing looks at what has happened in previous recessions and what can be done now.

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Ofsted evaluation: how ‘stuck’ schools are overcoming isolation

Ofsted’s Fight or flight? How ‘stuck’ schools are overcoming isolation: evaluation report (January 2020) looks at schools ‘stuck’ on inadequate Ofsted ratings over a long period of time, comparing them to schools that have been ‘stuck’ but which have since managed to raise their Ofsted grade.

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Bundle: Local government around the world

We focus on local issues in a connected world. What can we learn from local governments around the world as they face both unique challenges and those we all face in our own communities. This is a collection of international local government content.


Online Training: Tackling Disinformation Online and Offline

This course will look at how you can mitigate the impact of disinformation online and offline, including considering the importance of facilitating community development; fixing resident issues; watching over council decision-making and acting in your party group to promote your manifesto.

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Floodable parks as a tool for local flood resilience

As the likelihood of both coastal and rainwater flooding increases with climate change and rapid urbanisation, floodable parks and other innovative sustainable urban drainage solutions provide one answer for local resilience.

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