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Health, public health and social care round-up: May 2021

This month’s round-up focuses on primary care post Covid, discharge care arrangements and proposed measures to combat obesity. The round-up also highlights developments in integrated care systems and the CQC’s strategy for 2021.

England & Wales

Online Training: Local Government Finance Series

Every elected councillor is responsible for ensuring that their council has effective financial governance, yet local government finance is viewed by many as difficult to get to grips with. These online training sessions are designed to provide elected councillors with a thorough grounding in the key elements of local government finance and funding.

England & Wales

Insights from Scotland: digital progress by local government

Covid-19 has increased the pace at which Scotland’s councils are delivering services through digital technology. A new report from Accounts Commission finds that councils are at different stages of digital transformation and that greater collaboration, use of shared expertise, citizen engagement and strategic planning are needed to fully realise the potential.

Australia, England & Wales, Scotland

Children’s Mental Health in the UK and Ireland – recent reports

The need to promote the wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic and tacking mental health problems has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. This briefing looks at recent reports on the issue.

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

Canada Bay Connects

One year on from when COVID-19 first hit, the City of Canada Bay takes us through some of the ways they adapted to the pandemic to maintain access to community services and keep citizens connected and supported through the last 12 challenging months.

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Covid-19: School examinations and assessments 2020: what’s happening

Following the cancellation of 2020 examinations and assessments in all United Kingdom schools, this briefing looks at the arrangements which have been put in place in England and Scotland to assess secondary-aged students in to assist with their educational and life progression.

England & Wales