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Coordinating volunteers against the corona virus

The call for volunteers has been made, but what role do councils play in coordinating them? A call for practice examples.

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Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement

Liam Hanrahan, Head of Community Engagement, outlines how Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement Team are coordinating the overall response to the Covid-19 crisis,  unifying all the Mayo efforts into a comprehensive network.

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The impact of Covid-19 on low income families and insecure workers

It is well known that Covid-19 has affected individuals and groups very differently. Two reports published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation examine what has happened to low income families and insecure workers.

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Neighbourhood engagement: how local government can effectively deliver participation

Despite legislated participatory measures enacted to enable decentralised government, neighbourhood issues are not always addressed. We focus here on the South African experience of community engagement and participation, but many of the concerns are common to other countries, including the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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The tenant voice: empowering residents in social housing

Following Grenfell, new measures are promised to involve residents in building safety decisions. But is that enough to make them feel empowered in their homes and neighbourhoods? How can resident involvement be strengthened as we enter recovery from the pandemic?

England & Wales, Scotland

Understanding Dad during the pandemic and beyond

Fathers Network Scotland recently released the results of their 2021 Dads’ Survey, which explores how fathers and families have been impacted by the pandemic. The overwhelming feedback this year shows that dads have felt the strain of being pulled in all directions.

England & Wales, Scotland

Cavan Day: Creating a ‘blue wave’ in stormy weather

This briefing looks at how Cavan County Council organised an online ‘Cavan Day’ which united the global Cavan family and laid the foundation for a more interconnected Diaspora. We explore both the local and wider policy contexts and some of the challenges of planning in a pandemic.



This project will shine a light on un-democratic behaviour witnessed on the general election campaign trail and hear how it is being tackled.

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Covid-19: Truth be told

In quarantine with the internet makes fertile ground for conspiracies, misdirection and information that is just plain wrong. But do we make things worse by angrily confronting the lies?

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Learning themes from the Sport England Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs)

Over the last year, 12 Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs) funded by Sport England have been developing new approaches in local areas to build capacity and inspire active lifestyles, the learning from which is relevant not only to those working in the community sports sector but also to a wider range of partners tackling local challenges…

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